The Storyteller’s Catechism : Stories of Faith from Parish Life

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Following central chapters of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Fr. Sherwood’s stories bring its teachings alive and give new meaning to its core messages. Referring directly to CCC sections, this book makes for inspiring reading and wonderful teaching material, highlighting concrete human experiences of Catholic life. An increasingly secular world has made humanity’s search for God more challenging. But the basic message of this little book is that God also searches for humanity; that the eyes and ears of faith reveal manifestations of the Divine Presence. Parish priests are privileged to have a front-row seat to observe Divine Presence in action. The true stories told here reflect just a few of the many experiences of God had by one priest in Florida. Meet Barnacle Bill, an old-time mariner, who restlessly searched for love and happiness, but the irresistible call of the Siren’s song kept beckoning him to an ever elusive port. Read about a seven-foot alligator that made neighborly visits to the parish office and taught a lesson on the natural habitat of sin. Find out why sand dollars were an occasional offering in the Sunday collection basket and were considered so valuable. These stories and others will touch the heart or give pause for thought—but all of them will hopefully inspire and deepen faith.

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