The Storyteller (Paperback)

the storyteller paperback

After sharing a poem he wrote about Humpty Dumpty with a youth group in Austin, Texas, E. B. Staples was pleasantly surprised by the positive response. The group enjoyed the poem and wanted to hear more. The poem was entitled the “Humpty Conspiracy,” an urban twist to a classic fable of Mother Goose. It led one to believe that a conspiracy was behind Humpty Dumpty’s fall. After the author’s encounter with the youth group he was inspired to revise additional classic fables into an urban setting. This book is a compilation of fables, stories and poems the author has written over several years to include two special stories penned by his 13-year old granddaughter Jazmine. Mr. Staples wrote them to inspire and challenge the reader to search for deeper truths. Laced with a little humor, some of the stories attempt to remind us that a merry heart does us good as a medicine.

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