The Storyteller (Paperback)

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Stories defy the lapse of time. Up generations and places they travel and climb. You can take them in your pocket wherever you go. From the beaches of Australia to the Alaskan snow. Told over fire pits and through ancient ruins. The words so alive they’re constantly moving. Open this book up to see what you’ll find. Tales of mysterious adventures made in my mind The Storyteller is a sequel to the Goodreads Newcomers Bestseller Award Winning book The Sim Anthology: Volume I. It is filled with stories that have been developed originally or inspired by versions of tales that have stood the test of time. Throughout the book, the short stories that it is lined with are separated by new poetry and various continuations from The Sim Anthology: Volume I. Each story was carefully curated to serve as a 3D experience, fully faceted with features that will surprise and intrigue you with every page that you turn. Filled with dark twists and unexpected turns at every corner, get ready for one wild journey.

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