The Storyteller in the Park (Other)

the storyteller in the park other

A mysterious woman sitting on an old-fashioned iron bench in a city park invites three passersby to listen to her stories.

Alice, a stressed graduate student jogs in the early morning and is stopped by an impeccably dressed old woman in a purple hat. At noon, Bea, a grumpy city retiree, strolls with her dog Sweetie and encounters a cheerful middle-aged woman dressed in white. Lonely eleven-year old Carol passes through the park after school and meets a nonchalant teenager clad in all black.

For five consecutive days the storyteller recounts tales of unicorns, floods, journeys, frogs, and circuses. The story characters are changed for each listener. Which storyteller will the three strangers see on the sixth day when they arrive at the park bench at the same time?

Magical experiences teach valuable life lessons to those who understand the stories.

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