The Sad Storytellers Club (Other)

the sad storytellers club other

Parker’s problems with alcohol have led to yet another unfortunate incident and it seems there is no escaping this one. He finds solace in a green door and tripping through, Parker finds himself in the world of the Sad Storytellers Club. Once a month the group meets to share short stories they have written about the hardships in each of their lives. Young and old, they all carry with them the burdens life too often bestows. Parker finds comfort within the group, but feels that his life is not sad enough to maintain a spot in the Sad Storytellers Club. He spins his own story, deceiving the group. When disaster strikes the green-doored building, Parker is entrusted with the confusing Natasha, a strange cat, and a notebook full of othersÕ secrets. Parker is then met with a decision; does he risk his new friends, a girl he is falling for, and the healing that came with the Storytellers, or does he make a name for himself and finally become someone his parents will be proud of?

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