The Corporate Storyteller (Paperback)

the corporate storyteller paperback

Here, at last, is a book that cuts through corporate babble and shows you how to communicate with clarity, confidence and style in the workplace. Elaine Stirling, teacher, writer and consultant, has distilled years of corporate communication training into a compact, easy-to-read manual. Written with humor and Twenty-First Century conversational style, this book is for anyone who writes emails, reports and proposals, and who longs to receive clear, positive replies.

You don’t need to be at the top of the org chart to benefit from “The Corporate Storyteller.” Brave new leadership is open to all. But if you are a team leader, manager or executive, you will save thousands from lost communication time by buying a copy for everyone and then applying what’s inside.

Here are some things you and your coworkers will learn: Three Steps to Everywhere: a writing and thinking structure that simplifies and clarifies every document you write. The Ten Intentions that establish a multi-layered link with readers, ensuring accurate, in-depth responses. The Five Indispensable Talents for developing your authentic voice, the voice that our business world desperately needs to hear.

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