Pelgrane Press PELSW01 Seven Wonders-7 Storyteller Role Playing Game

pelgrane press pelsw01 seven wonders 7 storyteller role playing game

Different times call for different games. Have you ever wondered ? Seven Wonders has the answers! It features seven stand-alone, collaborative storytelling games from UK-based games designers, which focus on thoughtful characterisation and inter-character drama, and use improvisational acting techniques to tell innovative, compelling tales. Seven Wonders explores a range of themes and settings, from fantasy and science fiction, to modern-day group therapy, and nightmare dystopian futures. Requiring only a pen, paper, and friends to play, these games are easy to learn – if you can tell stories, you already know how to play. The exclusive destination for developing your children’s originality and individuality. Our collection comprises of Role Playing games, Card, collectibles, Magazines, Dice games and other accessories. Our products deliver both fun and entertainment to your children. We strive to provide the top notch goods to the people. These games incorporate teamwork, logical thinking, and creativity in the budding minds.


  • Seven Wonders-7 Storyteller Role Playing Game


  • Weight: 1.297 lbs

– SKU: ACDD18655

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