Liar’s Landscape : Collected Writing from a Storyteller’s Life

liars landscape collected writing from a storytellers life

This final volume from the great novelist and critic “is essential reading for all admirers of Malcolm Bradbury and, for those who don’t know his work, an invaluable sampler of his worldly-wise humor and satirical wit.”  —Independent
When Sir Malcolm Bradbury died in 2000, he left behind a lifetime’s work: published and unpublished; fiction and nonfiction; short stories and novels; completed work and work in progress. Given shape and coherence by his son, Dominic, that work has now become Liar’s Landscape—a book about books, about writing and writers, and, of course, about being Malcolm Bradbury. Taking the reader from unfinished novels to unsent letters, and from prose to plays, it is eloquent evidence of Bradbury’s versatility, wit, and passion for the written word.

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