Kiplings Science Fiction – Science Fiction & Fantasy Stories by a Master Storyteller Including, ‘as Easy as A,…

kiplings science fiction science fiction fantasy stories by a master storyteller including as easy as a

Kipling’s Science Fiction. From one of the greatest storytellers of all time – a collection of fantastic tales of things that might have been. In the late 19th and early 20th century, before science fiction and fantasy was pushed into a ghetto, the most literary and respected authors would write fantastic tales without a thought for labels and genres. Rudyard Kipling was no exception! This collection contains a selection of Kipling stories that push and cross the boundaries of the mundane, everyday world. Included are “With the Night Mail” and its sequel “As Easy as ABC,” two renowned dystopian tales that have strongly influenced the vision of other writers. Kipling’s SF is an essential book that demonstrates a profoundly different aspect of this master storyteller.

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