Si’Empra is stark and harsh but beautiful. Its peoples are ruled by ancient lore that have sustained them for thousands of years. Times may be changing, but, for some, change is out of the question. In a climate of conflict, madmen can thrive, and their followers will perform deeds they would otherwise detest. In this second book of the Si’Empra series, Ellen’s choices narrow further: should she follow her heart or take on the role she was born into and rescue Si’Emprans from the destructiveness of her possessive, obsessed half-brother, Redel?

Ellen’s attempt to rescue the victims of an earthquake go badly wrong. In her attempt to save the situation, she bargains with the privateer, Norm Tucker, plunging Si’Empra into unforeseen chaos. “Everything I touch turns to disaster,” she thinks. Still, she believes she has no option but to go on trying: she has made promises and she, alone, has the power to stop Si’Empra’s slide to ruin.

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