the storytellers dictionary other

The Storyteller’s Dictionary (Other)

Writers, game designers, teachers, and students ~ this is the dictionary youve been waiting for! In this volume, youll find a host of useful words, defined by subject matter. Geography: Climate, Biomes, Terrain, Oceans, Atmosphere and Geologic Terminology. Fauna: Characteristics, Anatomy, Ice Age Animals, Animals. Flora: Wildflowers, Grasses, Moss, Shrubs, Trees by Biome. Social Organization: […]

beyond the sword maiden a storytellers introduction to the heroines journey

Beyond the Sword Maiden : A Storyteller?s Introduction to the Heroine?s Journey

“All too often both traditional storytellers and the media regard the Hero’s Journey as the “one true recipe for a good story.” In this well-researched and clearly written book, Dorothy Cleveland and Barbara Schutzgruber prove that there are other kinds of stories that are just as essential to the human experience: tales of survival and […]